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Faucet and fixture

To install plumbing fixture:
Clean the area where you plan to place the plumbing fixture before installation. All countertops, shower walls and sinks should be treated with a non-ammoniated cleaner or bleach to remove any contaminants; this allows the caulk to adhere properly. Assemble the fixture according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once it has been securely fitted, make sure the area around the fixture is free of water or moisture in preparation for the sealant. Cut the tip on a tube of silicone caulk, using sharp scissors or shears; allow for a bead no more than 1/4 inch thick. Insert a stiff wire or nail into the nozzle to puncture the seal, and then load the tube into the caulking gun. Smooth the silicone caulk with a craft stick or plastic spoon once you've applied an even seal. Allow it to cure for a full 24-hour period before running the water.